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Indulge in the pure essence of nature with our premium Peppermint, sourced from the pristine fields of Manor, Texas. Aligned & Well Apothecary proudly presents this aromatic herb as part of our Single Herbs collection, meticulously curated to elevate your well-being.

Savor the invigorating taste and aroma of freshly harvested peppermint leaves, carefully processed to preserve their natural goodness. Whether brewed into a soothing tea or infused into culinary delights, our Peppermint promises to enliven your senses and revitalize your spirit.

Handpicked and expertly packaged, our Peppermint embodies the essence of quality and purity, ensuring each sip or sprinkle delivers an authentic taste of Manor's bounty. Elevate your culinary creations, invigorate your senses, and embrace the revitalizing power of Peppermint from Aligned & Well Apothecary.

Experience the difference of locally sourced herbs, thoughtfully crafted to enhance your lifestyle. Order your Peppermint today and embark on a journey of flavor and wellness, right from the heart of Manor, Texas.

$4.50 1 oz

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